Request Access to RxSentry

The North Carolina Controlled Substance Reporting System (CSRS) grants system accounts to medical practitioners and prescribers, and their delegates, so that they may look up controlled substance information on their patients directly via user name and password.

Perform the following steps to request an RxSentry account:

1. Open an Internet browser window and type the following URL in the address bar: .
A login window is displayed.

2. Type newacct in the User Name field.

3. Type welcome in the Password field.

4. Click OK.
A window similar to the following is displayed:

5. Click the radio button to select the appropriate account type (Master Account or Delegate Account), and then click Submit.
The CSRS Access Request Form that corresponds to the selected account type is displayed similar to the following:

Note: In the screenshot above, the user selected Master Account as the account type.

6. Complete the fields on this form, noting that required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).

7. Click Accept & Submit.

If information is incomplete or missing, a message is displayed indicating which fields must be corrected before your access request form can be submitted.

If all information has been properly supplied, a completed account registration form is displayed, along with a prompt to print the form. Print the form if desired.

If you are approved for an account, you will be notified via two separate e-mails. The first e-mail will contain your approval notification and user name information. The second e-mail will contain your temporary password, your personal identification number (PIN) that you will use to identify yourself if you need assistance from the RxSentry Help Desk, and the steps to follow to log in to the system. You will be required to change the temporary password immediately when you first attempt to access the system.

If you are denied access to the system, you will be notified by the North Carolina CSRS program staff.

Note: If you are requesting a delegate account, a master account holder will need to activate your account before you can request data from the PDMP database. See the Activating Delegate Accounts topic for more information.